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Glass Roving EC14 2400tex P185

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from 500 kgs6,49EUR - you save 2,76EUR, baseprice: 0,02EUR / lm

Glass Roving EC14

Bobbins around 10 kg

Glass Roving EC14

E-glass, continuous filament

2400 tex (nominal linear weight of roving)

P185: OCV™ Reinforcements Size reference

spools around 10 kg


The rovings P185 are obtained by assembling basic strands wound without internal twist on a cylindrical cheese.

The rovings P185 are particularly designed for the production of composites by filament winding and pultrusion processes as well as the weaving processes.

Their sizing allows the production of laminates with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins.


Further Information: Glass fibre roving


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