40,92EUR / kg
excl. 19% IVA más gastos de envío (a DE) y 10,00EUR Cargo adicional para mercancías peligrosas
(Cantidad mínima: 1.5 kg)
Precios escalados
desde 3 kg29,15EUR - Usted se ahorro 11,77EUR
desde 6 kg24,98EUR - Usted se ahorro 15,94EUR
plazo de entrega: 3 - 4 díasplazo de entrega: 3 - 4 días **

Biresin Glue Orange (A) 1,5kg


  • orange
  • good adhesion
  • acceleratable with Biresin® HC586
  • especially for SikaBlock® M330, M440, M450 and Labelite 25, 35 and 45


For gluing of SikaBlock® model boards by manufacture of design-, styling- and master models, copy models, negatives in model, tool and mould making 

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Good adhesion
  • Fast curing to a specific light-weight material
  • Colour and mechanical properties (after curing) adjusted to SikaBlock® M450
  • Additional suitable for SikaBlock® M450, M330, M150 and M80


Biresin® Kleber orange resin (A): 1.5 kg net
Biresin® G53 hardener (B): 0.975 kg net

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